Simplicity and Co. origin story

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The simplicity, and complexity, of starting a business: Simplicity & Co. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. —Henry Ford Look around Stillwater, and it can seem just more of the same. The same fast food burgers and fries. The same Mexican restaurant with the same menu. The […]

These walnuts are good for the brain

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A recent Planet Money podcast described how many Chinese believe a ginseng root is good for your arm if it looks like an arm, and good for your whole body if it looks like a person’s body. In general, the more any particular food looks like a body part, the more many Chinese believe it […]

The taste of pink slime

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Several coauthors and I have an article out today in PLOS ONE where we test whether ground beef containing a certain amount of finely textured beef (better known as pink slime) has a different taste. You may remember the ‘scandal’ years ago about pink slime. My view is that the media gave a very distorted […]

Norman Borlaug: humanitarian or climate-change denier?

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Many of us our moderates at heart, but let’s face it, media gives extremists a louder voice, and brings out the extremist in any moderate. Two philosophies of agriculture have been battling for over a century: industrial agriculture and agroecological agriculture. From Twitter one might think that one is unambiguously good and one is unambiguously […]